Thursday, October 23, 2014

Axent Wear

  What is it
  The one and only unique headphones that has been created to attract people to this new piece of technology, is the Axent Wear headphones! This is an external device to hear an output from the device you are using through these newly produced headphones that are fascinating to use and learn about. Not only does it blast music, it also glows the colour you have chosen, to make you feel like you listen to your music in style.This originates from two females who have thought outside the box, and tried to satisfy their audience with an incredible device, called the Axent Wear.
  Who made it
  The Axent Wear was created by UC Berkeley Alumni, Wenqing Yan, and Victoria Hu, all of them have a desire for creative technology, and art. They teamed up to create these cat ear headphones, with the idea of Wenquig, and Victoria they asked themselves, since music played a huge part in most people’s lives and it would be great if they can share their music with the people surrounding them, they came up with the cat ear headphones. The music can be heard through speakers and through the headphones this can be achieved by the cat ears, they are external speakers to share the music your are currently listening to with the people around you, or like usual u can listen to it yourself.

  Advantages and disadvantages
  The headphones have many fascinating features such as, the external speakers that look like cat ears, the comfortable cushion around your earphones so it is relaxing when you to listen the music, the vibrant LED lights, rechargeable battries, and the Axent Wear also provides you with a mic, that is attached to the cord. There are also switches to both the LED lights, and the external speakers. Although there is a problem with the Axent Wear, it is not wireless and Bluetooth, because when they were asking what features you want on the Axent Wear majority of the people chose everything else but the wireless and Bluetooth. The LED light also does not convert itself into different colours, and remains the same colour until the end.

  My Opinion
  In my opinion I suggest buying the Axent Wear since  I personally love to listen to music and I sometimes carry around a smaller speaker to put it on louder at times. If i bought the headphones it comes with a external speaker that is attached to it and it also has a mic that comes with it, if i were to ever use it to communicate with someone. I have never seen any headphones that have built in speakers, and so i cannot compare it with any other technology that i have used or heard about. Although this is a great indictor that technology is growing in a way that just one device has multiple tasks that can be accomplished.  

  Questions and where to purchase it
  The Axent Wear is available at the Indigogo website, for $150.00 up to $10K, being the maximum. If there are any problems consulting the Axent Wear you can contact their service at  


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

                                               Siri's secrets 


Siri is an IOS application, and for further applications, after the IOS. For the people who already have IOS or further applications they would be informed about Siri. Although the people out there that have a lower application than the IOS, this may be a bit more information than the people who already have Siri, and have a good understanding of it.

   What is siri?

  Siri is a personal, voice that obeys and answers certain questions and other things such as- messaging someone, calling someone, or booking a table at a restaurant, and etc. Siri is a word that not many people know the meaning to, the name is actually Norwegian meaning, “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.” With research many people say, “Apple paid more than $2 million dollars for Siri to be on their mobile search.”

   Is siri for you?

  Although all things, including voice activation has its pros and cons. Siri is great for searching, or typing long terms, emails and/or messages. Siri is also useful for setting alarms and/or reminders. It’s simply just a voice activation to do your task. However, this all may sound so good, but everything in life has it’s not really as good side, which some people do not love, which also Siri also has. Siri is only available if it is connected to the internet. Sometimes voice commands are not clearly heard by the Iphone as you speak. Also one drawback that affects many people I’ve seen, and I have noticed myself is there is no silent button for the Siri, even by lowering the volume the voice of Siri, it does not get lowered. Although Siri has a few disadvantages over all I think Siri is a great invention and has been useful to many people, including myself.

   My opinion

  As a user of siri my opinion on it will be a useful, less time consuming, voice activation that is useful to the public and me. Like me others have said very positive as well as and negative comments on siri. We have also discussed in class about variety of other voice activations like the Dragon, it is a device that is activated by your voice and the commands, for example to email someone you would just have to tell it to email someone. 


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